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LittoFresh Origine (kg)

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LittoFresh Origine (kg)

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  • LittoFresh Origine (kg)

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100% vegetable product : pea proteins.

Usable in "organic". Alternative non-allergenic for the protection from oxidation and reduction of vegetable aromas.

LittoFresh Origine is used:

In must: especially during flotation - for a short lees flotation time and for the elimination of phenolic compounds (oxidised as well as susceptible to oxidation).

In white, rosé and red wine: for its high clarification and sedimentation rate, stabilisation of colouring matter and elimination of red wine astringent tannins.

Dose : 10 à 50 g/hl.

Verpackung : 1 kg bag.

Fabricant : Erbslöh