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Ichtyocolle - Fish fining

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Ichtyocolle is a fish-based fining agent adapted to high-grade white and rosé wine fining and clarification.

Ichtyocolle restores high organoleptic clarity and remarkable brilliance to treated wines.

Ichtyocolle is an exceptionally pure powder, dehydrated by freeze drying, which maintains the natural components.

Ichtyocolle is a citric acid-based preparation which facilitates dissolution in water on implementation. It's suitable for treating other beverages (beer, cider…).

For wines showing bitterness, ichtyocolle enables the elimination, by flocculation, of the polyphenols which are responsible for this character, while maintaining organoleptic qualities.

• In the case of viscous wines (sweet white wine types derived from botrytised harvests), ichtyocolle improves filterability by acting on gums and mucilages.

• Ichtyocolle reduces the risk of wine browning.

Dosage : treatment dosages are previously specified by laboratory testing. Recommended dosages of ichtyocolle can be defined as follows: 0,5 to 1,5 g/hL of dry matter equivalent (50 to 150 mL/hL of prepared solution).

Packaging : 100g bag.

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